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Since 3 years, we bring to our clients immersive experiences through AR. From Jewelry to restaurant or Influencers, we worked on many differents fields in order to promote your products and services in a fun and interactive way.










Learn about our company through those 5 achievements.

spark ar quick start

Filming of the Spark AR Quick Start course in french for Meta.

top 10 »our future planet« contest

Our filter « Ephémère » finished on the top 10 panel of the « Our future planet » contest by Lenlist.

creator day workshop

Live workshop in french with Meta and DevCircle on Spark AR.

interview for MIT technology review

We got interviewed about our vision of beauty in augmented reality.

top 10 ar effects of 2021

Our filter « Twisted world of Oz » for NYX got featured on the top 10 AR effects of 2021 by Spark AR Studio.


AR & Graphic Designer


My name is Lucie Bouchet, I’m a French Graphic and AR Designer. I used to work as a Community Manager, I’ve always been interested in social media and digital art, I love how those fields keep evolving through the years, challenging me to learn new things. This is how I got interested in Augmented Reality three years ago.

AR started as a hobby and became very quickly my new job. I worked for a lot of brands from different fields such as jewelry, makeup, restaurants, music… Through simple effects to challenging ones such as 3D models and animations.
In 2021 I joined the program « Spark AR Innovators », I hosted a french Workshop with Meta and became in 2022 the french face of their « Quick Start » course.
Apart from AR effects I launched my Youtube channel to create French tutorials about Spark AR. I taught how to achieve simple and outstanding effects, quickly. As it can feel overwhelming learning a new software, especially in a foreign language, my goal was to make it more playful and rewarding.
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